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Grove City College Teaching and Research Apiary

Who Are We

We are a team made up of current Grove City College students and Dr. Tracy Farone working to improve public knowledge and awareness regarding both honeybees and local pollinators, their health, and current issues they're facing. Through individual experiments and participation in mega studies we strive to educate our community on how we can best support pollinators who are vital to the health and wellbeing of our world and all who reside in it. 

An Educational Resource for Bee Medicine and Research

Welcome! With the help of her research students, Dr. Tracy Farone, DVM, Professor of Biology at Grove City College is developing a community outreach program and a research and teaching apiary at Grove City College, Grove City PA. We are just beginning our project and hope to expand to be able to provide education to the local community and to shine a spotlight on current research regarding honeybees and native pollinators. This will be an ongoing project with new students as current participants graduate from Grove City College and "new-bees" come into the school.

The project will have several goals

1) To highlight topics in pollinator and honey bee health, especially in Pennsylvania.

2) To feature pollinator and honey bee research topics.

3) To connect and provide information to the general community, beekeepers and veterinarians.

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Phone: (724) 458 - 2144

We look forward to hearing from you!