Fall 2020

Each student on the research team has an individual project they oversee! This page will soon contain more information about each project, along with some more information about what we are working on this semester.


Katerina is continuing to work with Beescape and Land4Bees so that they can better understand how landscape affects bee health. We currently have all four of our hives equipped with Broodminder scales which are collecting data every hour. You can learn more about our involvement with Beescape and Land4Bees under our “Collaborative Research” tab. Katerina has also taken on the job of being Dr. Farone's writing assistant as they research and write about cutting edge topics within veterinary medicine.

Broodminder graph for hive 1.png

Figure 1: Sample data from the Broodminder scale under one of our hives at the Oliver Apiary. The green line shows the changed in temperature and the black line shows the increase and decrease in weight of the hive. Large dips in the weight could be due to removing parts of the hive during inspections. Through this data, you can track the change in hive growth.

During the Fall 2020 semester, Deidra will be taking more images with her camera and microscopy techniques, focusing on various bee and plant specimens. These pictures will build upon the photographs she took this summer and will document the autumn honey flow (hopefully), along with plant blooms! Then, she will be compiling her images into various sections, captioning them, and writing an educational book. She's excited to help provide an educational resource about bees, pollinator-friendly plants, and honey!


Maura is spearheading the establishment of the bee-yard landscaping as Garden Manager. She is currently creating map of the existing plantings, as well as a development plan for maintaining and expanding the existing Pollinator Friendly Garden at the Apiary. Additionally, she is working on a literature review and experimental plan for future research at the college involving bee venom treatments.


Image by Maura Ashley

Alliefair's current project within the research group pertains to community outreach. She is in the process of modifying previous educational brochures and creating new resources that can be distributed within the community to anyone interested in learning more about honeybees, regardless of one’s level of experience. The resources she is working on cover factors that affect honey bee health and how to adequately care for honey bees, myths about honey bees, various levels of intensity of beekeeping, and a brochure depicting the Oliver Apiary and the work being done on campus. The goal of this project is to raise awareness to the important role pollinators play in our everyday lives and to familiarize people with the antics of honeybees. Since our project is inclusive of our campus community – there are students collaborating on the project from the biology, engineering, art, and entrepreneurial departments – we think it is important to include the Grove City community in our research as well.