Dr. Tracy Farone, DVM, is a Professor of Biology at Grove City College. She worked in various areas of private practice, academia and research for over 20 years.


Since 2017, Dr. Farone has been researching beekeeping and bee medicine. In 2018, she was granted a sabbatical to allow additional time to pursue apicultural studies, and develop a small teaching and research apiary at her College.  In 2019, Dr. Farone interviewed and worked in the field dozens of backyard, sideline, and commercial beekeepers.  She visited France, where she worked with multiple experts in bee medicine and research at ONIRIS College in Nantes and the OIE in Paris. Additionally, she visited The University of Edinburgh and the Roslin Institute in Scotland, meeting with additional bee experts. In June 2019, she traveled to Montana/Crow Reservation to work with 10K hive, migratory, commercial beekeeping operations. These experiences provided Dr. Farone with a unique perspective in the development of relationships between veterinarians and beekeepers.


Dr. Farone has discovered that bee vet interest in Pennsylvania is high, and she has been creating veterinary continuing education with the PVMA, PDA,and PSU, delivering continuing education content for PA vets. In 2019, she presented a 101 bee medicine lecture at Penn State University, spoke to several beekeeping clubs, and delivered a full day of bee medicine CE at the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association Annual conference in Hershey, PA. She serves on the board of the Honey Bee Veterinary Consortium. She has several bee related research projects, publications, and CE speaking events planned for 2020.

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